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iV Natur is the leading provider of IV vitamin therapy and IV hydration in New York City. Located in Midtown Manhattan, the experienced team offers IV therapy treatments of all types, including vitamin B12, hangover cure, glutathione, vitamin C, immunity boost, athletic recovery, and much more. 

iV Natur stands out from other IV therapy providers because they take the medical approach to treatment. 

The caring team is led by medical doctors who take the time to really listen to patient concerns, so they can offer the most customized treatment plans. At other IV therapy providers, there often aren’t any medical doctors on the team, but at iV Natur, there’s always a medical professional on-site to help with questions, concerns, and patient counseling. 

iV Natur welcomes all patients at this time. To reduce stress, illness, and exhaustion while boosting wellness, book an IV infusion at iV Natur online or by phone today.

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