Acute Viral Illness Defense

A mega dose of Vitamin C, Zinc and other essential nutrients.

IV Therapy bag

Athletic Performance & Recovery

An instant dose of hydration.

IV Therapy bag

Beauty Drip

Beneficial vitamins for the skin, anti aging benefits and detoxification.

IV Therapy bag

Detox Liver Cleanse

Natural antioxidants to cleanse the liver and combat free radicals.

IV Therapy bag

Energy Boost

Mega dose of B and C Vitamins to balance out natural energy levels.

IV Therapy bag

Hangover Cure

Hydration and energy boost for the day after a night out.

IV Therapy bag

Hydration Drip

A dose of all the replenishing nutrients your body needs for hydration.

IV Therapy bag

Vitamin B12 Injection

B12 to boost your energy instantly.

IV Therapy bag

IV Vitamin Therapy

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IV Therapies