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Glutathione is often called the mother of all antioxidants. This powerful formula is even more powerful when you get it straight into your bloodstream, which is why glutathione therapy at iV Natur in Midtown Manhattan is so effective. Get the amazing anti-aging, immune, and detoxification effects of glutathione now by booking an infusion online or calling the New York City office.

Glutathione Q & A

What is glutathione?

Glutathione is an antioxidant that you produce naturally. It includes three powerful amino acids called glutamine, glycine, and cysteine. Glutathione offers amazing anti-aging benefits, making it well-known as a fantastic therapy for beautiful skin.

When you have high glutathione levels, your skin has a natural glow and renewed firmness thanks to boosted collagen growth beneath your skin. Glutathione also helps protect your skin from free radicals, aids in detoxification, and can help improve overall immune system function too.

Unfortunately, your natural glutathione levels decline as you age. Other factors, including poor eating habits and stress can deplete your natural glutathione as well. The good news is that you can restore glutathione levels with IV infusion therapy at iV Natur.

Is oral glutathione the same as an IV infusion?

Not even close. When you take glutathione supplements orally, you get a small fraction of the actual amino acids into your bloodstream. Usually, you lose approximately 85% of supplements through the digestion process. 

Additionally, digestion takes some time, and that means it can be a long while until you reap any real benefits from oral glutathione supplementation. 

When you get an IV glutathione infusion at iV Natur, 100% of the amino acids go straight into your bloodstream because you’re skipping the whole digestive process. Even better, you’re getting all the benefits of glutathione instantaneously. 

What else is in a glutathione infusion?

That depends on your particular needs. You might choose to add vitamin C, with which it can combine particularly well. 

If you aren’t sure what infusion to choose, you can meet with the on-site physician to get specific recommendations about what kind of vitamins and nutrients could complement glutathione best in your situation. 

How does an IV glutathione infusion work?

A trained IV therapy expert administers your glutathione infusion by precisely placing the ultrafine catheter in your arm. The glutathione infusion, also known as the beautify infusion, takes just 60 minutes. During the infusion, you can take a nap, read, or whatever you like. 

Get glowing, firm, and tight skin with IV glutathione therapy at iV Natur by calling the office or scheduling online now.